Bestest Dad ever!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Since i'm an adult (haha) I know my Christmas gift!
My dad picked it out all by himself i was a little nervous about what he got me. BUT he got me a Kindle Fire! Exactly what I unconsciously wanted! i'm so excited to get a cute case for it! haha it'll be so awesome! :D
Kindle Fire Case, Kindle Cover, Kindle Fire Sleeve or Custom eReader Sleeve Padded - Paris
AH! i'm really excited un/fortunately I can't open it till Christmas! lol torture!!!!

Next my dad signed me up for the gym! We're going later i'm really excited and a bit nervous.
And for like the last billion years of my life, my dad wants me to be fit and healthy so i'll have to start some kind of diet plan. (not like get on a diet but change my diet). Defintely after tomorrow though because i have finals and i want to get that all out of the way >.<

Love yah dad!
Melissa Ortega

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