A List of Thoughts

Thursday, May 21, 2015

1. I am really just using this platform to rant.
2. I'm so tired of being mediocre, when I know I have the abilities to be great.
3. When is enough, enough?
4. I don't want to live for anyone else, but myself.
5. I am afraid I won't.
6. Or that I will conform to expectations of me.
7. Wish I could speak or write eloquently.
8. This blog is just a bag of my tears on a screen.
9. I wish I had a meaningful blog.
10. @ God, I'm still waiting for my Whitney Houston voice.
11. I need to do brain exercises to get the ability to think straight and properly organize and execute thoughts.
12. Why don't I know more English grammar? AKA I need to learn how to write properly.
13. I don't have time, but I kinda want a bf.
14. A hot one.
15. Hire me

   ok so more than a few things

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