Wednesday, May 06, 2015

If you read yesterday's post, my first con was missing my luch if I left! Luca, is also known as luchi, lucitas, the luch, and so many more. He is one of my now closest friends baby. Mommy life for Karen definitely brought our close friendship back together. It is almost Luca's first birthday and soon will be a toddler, so this post is for him! I am so in love with the pictures below.

He is so funny and has a little personality all his own. He has really been such a little blessing in all our lives. I really do feel like I will miss him so much because I see him so often. He lives a few houses down and I watched him weekly for a short time. I cannot believe how big he is getting. I was looking at a few pictures of him when he was younger and what a difference! He is definitely learning how to do toddler stuff and is trying to walk around. I still can't get over how fast time flies! I love when we have to take him to different places. We went on a road trip with him, or when he take him to restaurants or just shopping, it's always so fun. Wish he can be a baby forever!! I will make sure he remembers my name by skyping with him while I'm away.

Love you little Luch, hopefully he can see this when he's older so he knows how much he meant to us.

I was gonna wait to post this on his birthday, but I will just post party pictures!


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