My To Do List

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I always seem to update like in the middle of the night, and tonight is no exception. I am always awake till like 3am. But I just have a terrible sleep cycle. I sleep at like 3 or 4am then wake up like a 10am then nap 3 more hours in the middle of the day somewhere. It's a terrible habit but hopefully it'll change soon. Today I did nothing but watch an entire season of Mobwives.

Friday is my orientation date for my internship and I'm super nervous about it because I have to do some things to prepare for it. I also have to take care of like 3 other time sensitives things. And they are really just stressing me out.

For my intership I have to get a headshot, write a bio, find something nice to wear, think of a time to leave my house to arrive on time, and get mentally prepared.

I have to deposit some $$ in the bank and pay some bills.

I have to renew my HSF scholarship & send my mentor some documents.

I have to order some paper work and then send it to my school's financial aid office for next year.

I have to look into potential summer jobs.

Keep up with a couple appointments I have coming up in the next couple weeks.

& last but not least settle my fall plans once and for all.

Anyways Im all over the place but I want nothing more than to get on a nice 16 hour day schedule and get those things in order. I feel like I'm always talking about order this and order that but?? That's just me.

And funny story that just happened. So its 1:30 am like I said and I went to the bathroom and when I came out of it my brother's bedroom light is on. So I go in and he's hunched over his chair grabbing a shirt, and I'm like what are you doing? And he looks like he jolted out of bed from sleeping, looks like a deer in headlights. He doesn't respond to me so I have to ask like two more times and he says he's getting ready for school. And I just stare at him because it's funny and reminds me of when It happened to me once or twice. So I say its 1am and he looks at his phone, still looks like he's half asleep half shocked and he says good thing I'm prepared and holds up a button up shirt and goes to his closet. So I'm still standing there like what are you doing, so I ask again. And he says getting ready for school and I'm like Juan, I just said its 1am you can go back to sleep. And he looks at his phone AGAIN and is like oh, I didn't quite think this through, I thought it was a 7.

BUT ANYWAYS it was funny you had to be there. It was all about his expression. Its a running joke between my sister and I about the way he looks when he just wakes up.

ALSO I just proofread this post and I read it all in my head in a Staten Island or idk WHAT accent. Thanks Mobwives! ! (This also happened to me when I got into 1D a few years ago, but of course it was an Irish accent)

Pray for me to finish my to do list this week. I'm begging you.

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