High Stress Levels

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I feel like I just posted, but it was a week ago! So it's currently 12:40am. I have been trying to get to bed for about 2 hours now, but I can't get off my phone.
Tomorrow I am going to catch up with Virginia. Were gonna go to the mall, hang out, and we're gonna attend the IRC's (where I'm interning) open house. I am really excited to get to know more and also to get an opinion. My orientation is next week and I am so nervous for it. To meet the other interns, some IT stuff, and the fact that I have to submit a professional headshot and a bio. Like?? Im ugly and have no life to show for it. Lol. Jk. But I am like what do I write, where do I get that shot done??? Also I have to speak to them about my end time to be in Oman by needed time.
I was thinking about summer classes. I think tomorrow will be my last day to really check it out bc I am cutting it too close!! Most application dates are over and I need to see if my classes will align. Also my grades came in and my gpa is back up!! I was so relieved. I could have done so much better . . . . But it's no time for regrets. I ask myself though, where would I be if I really just always tried my best? From day 1? Or even day 500! I feel I always just do mediocre and ride through/with that. It's a shame really! I feel I have so many talents that could have really been fostered if I went for it. Or some that haven't even been revealed, due to my lack of motivation and laziness. If I look back to my New Year resolutions. I have literally done none. Im like in the 5th month of the year. Time's running out.
I am also thinking of getting a part time job this summer. It's frustrating because everything coming up for me depends on each others time frame. I have to find someone who will hire me for only the summer, but I can't even apply because I don't know my hours with the internship. I could estimate, but because im trying to get a bigger workload to leave early. I have no idea what my schedule will be. And if I don't know when I'm going to be finishing, I can't get a date for departure in the fall. So it's a big cycle and I won't know till next Friday. But I'm wasting time on job applying. I was thinking of Starbucks, but ?? I'm scared. Lol I really just have to overcome my fear of new things that I consider like complicated and deals with customer service. Although I did both those things at T-Mobile. It just happened so quick getting that job I didn't have time to be afraid.
Also in early August I will be going to the Nicki Concert. I am beyond thrilled, so excited! ! Counting down!

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