Asian Food: An Appreciation Post

Sunday, April 17, 2016

*Don't take me to seriously, fun post :D*

Y'all know I get DOWN with Asian food. IDK if it's East, West, South, Southeast, I GET DOWN. So I'm doing an Asian food appreciation post. No lie, I'm kind of basic so IMA STAY BASIC.

Also, I'm not gonna get down with all of Asia... .because it's fucking huge. Really I'm just doing this because I'm trying to see some aesthetically pleasing pictures of food I want to swim in. . . .

ride with me the journey of more success.

THE WONTON FREAKING SOUP. A staple! A classic!! Probably America's favorite soup!! Although I like mine with snap peas, the wonton soup is an example of where simplicity goes a long way. Thanks Hong Kong, You smart. You loyal. You grateful. I appreciate that. 

Let's travel south to Vietnam. I'm on a soup SEARCH. PHO. . .. commonly mispronounced PHOH, & correctly pronounced PHUH.  The victim of many puns, I feel like these are just one of those dishes THAT MUST BE MADE WITH LOVE. if the love isn't sprinkled it aint gonna be good..  . . I just feel like pho is such an intricate complex dish... . the broth, the spices, the garnishes, the meats, the sauces.. . . flow and come together to harmoniously transport you into a surreal experience.

IM gonna stay in Vietnam for a moment..  ..  & hit y'all with the VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLL. I DONT EVEN KNOW IF THATS WHAT THEYRE CALLED BUT (summer rolls?). . ..  YALL KNOW YLL KNOW!!!!! you might go to the pho place just for these. I like the ones with the poached shrimp, the (chargrilled??) pork. and. dont. get. me. started.  on. the. PEANUT SAUCE... you'll finish the rolls and pick at the bean sprouts on your garnish plate just to dip it in the sauce <3

now, I'm gonna fly up north. . .. . . . to Japan. . . SUSHI, SASHIMI, NIGIRI. you can't go wrong, you just can't, with sushi. I feel bad for those who just can't stand fish at all (I'm looking at you Juan), but there are a lot of options, ironically, if you're not into fish. I can't even . . . no, I don't want to know how much money I have spent on sushi. . . Kuroshio in Kennesaw and Smyrna I am giving you a shout out because I swear by them!!!! SuSHI I LUH YOU

Now, I don't even know where I'm taking you, because we landed in Singapore but we might have to give it up for Hong Kong who probably brought us the SINGAPORE STYLE NOODLE!!! this has to be one of my number one dishes that i'll order if I see it's on the menu. What sets this dish apart from other stir friend noodles is the curry that it's seasoned with. Like Pho, Singapore mei fun (as I call these noodles), proves that once again, street food is the best food. I usually have my mei fun with all of the above, chicken, shrimp, pork, extra spicy, extra mushrooms.. . . And like I said the curry is what sets it apart, but I won't lie and say I don't enjoy a basic mei fun. I decided on a neutral picture, because it was that or one of it overflowing out of a take out box. . . and if you havent had it I didnt wanna scar you lol

You know, I was gonna do this but I'm gonna throw it in there. Pad Thai!!! I AM NOT GONNA LIE TO YOU I still haven't decided how I feel about this dish. .. . I just haven't understood the concept.. . or is the concept that it's not it a concept.. . . NO it is a concept. run over to the Pad thai's wiki page for some history!! Pad thai comes with some baggage: nationalism, westernization, origin disputes, it's an entire soap opera. I'm not gonna lie though, i love the texture and my mouth is watering at this picture AND GUESS WHAT?? ITS A STREET FOOD. So it's a #WIN.

I'm gonna travel a bit to the West and knock on Nepals door!! I'm gonna shine the light on this country and hit y'all with 3 dishes, yes THREE dishes.

Dal-bhat is up first, I have only had this once and it was in Italy in the Nepal pavilion at the Milan Expo 2k16.. . .  I DON'T KNOW IF I WAS HUNGRY THAT DAY OR HAD JUST HAD TO MUCH PIZZA AND PASTA THAT WHEN THE LENTILS, RICE, AND CURRY HIT MY MOUTH I WAS LIKE AMEN!!! now I understand this dish is probably a staple in other nearby countries but I tried it with Nepal first so I'm gonna leave it here :*

these are SO good, many Asian countries have their own versions of dumpling, go to the "dumpling" wiki page it might just be my favorite wiki page. (i love dumplings). but MOMO is Nepal's version. Now I won't post a picture of the momo soup because nothing really comes up, but it didn't have the momo in it it was just a clear soup. Now on this particular day when I tried it I decided on a stir fried noodle and I tasted my friends who was the one who ordered it.. . . and I #ragreted the noodles........... it takes a pretty good dish to make me #ragret noodles...  anyways, momo and momo soup I hope to see you again.

I want to take a train to India, but can i??? Can i???? Fuck it, I will and I'm gonna go with BIRYANI. Where do I start. . . See I can't even start with Biryani because there's so much going on.. . I have been on Biryani for 5 min and I can't even think of what to say, except for that I can go for some right now. Really I feel like it's a complicated dish and I can't even think of how to go about making it. I will say that I prefer chicken but i just can't do mutton. I'm kind of a picky eater and every spoonful of mutton biryani is a trip & it's a little too. . ..  strong? for me. BUT IM GONNA GIVE IT UP TO THEM BECAUSE I WILL STUFF MY FACE WITH BIRYANI WITH THE YOGURT AND TOMATO AND ONIONS!! B!!!! next time i have biryani i'm gonna cry in the name of this blog and this dish!!

Well, it's 4am and my back hurts so I'm gonna leave it here!!!


We're gonna go hit up the Levant!!Falafel and Shawarma. ..  NOW, I'm not expert (with none of the dishes above tbqh) But ima tell you how my tastebuds say it is. Below is like a falafel sandwich, the falafel itself are deep fried chickpea balls. . . lol. ANYWAYS I've had them in this sandwhich and can I say #100. I literally had like two in one sitting WHICH WAS A MISTAKE BTW AND I WAS SLIGHTLY SCARRED BUT I DID THAT BECAUSE IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. SO falafel is not meat.

The shawarma is meat thats been cooked on like a spit which if you're Mexican is what Tacos al Pastor are similar to. WHICH BTW they said we might have gotten it from the Lebanese immigrants in Mexico. So a moment of silence to thank the Lebanese for tacos al pastor
. .. ...
NOW, the meat is prolong cooked and then they shave that baby off and throw it into a wrap or you know what throw that on a plate, i'll eat it plain. They have all these toppings (*100 emoji* x4) and you also get this BOMB garlic mayo (sometimes maybe idk)!!

And finally (for today) we're gonna fly a few hours East and land in precious, beautiful, breathtaking, inspiring, magnificent, incredible, spectacular, glorious, striking, amazing, and memorable Oman. & take a look at their festive dish: Shewa. To me, a dish I am familiar with that is very similar to Omani shuwa is barbacoa, but just in terms of cooking process.

"Nothing says “celebration time” in Oman like shuwa, the unique Omani specialty for which meat is slathered in a thick blend of oil and spices, wrapped in palm fronds, and cooked over hot embers underground. Some villas have their own shuwa pits, but most neighbourhoods and villages have communal pits where each family can place their palm frond meat package to cook along with the others for a day or more." Times of Oman

An awesome video below on how the shuwa is marinated and covered by Chef Salim al Kalbani :)

(yes thats the lamb's head!!!)

I don't even know why I made this post, I guess I was hungry!! Don't take me too seriously :) It's almost 4:40am and I'm starting to get delusional... .


:P :*

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