Thursday, April 14, 2016

MUSIC: my spring time playlist
IG: @meangrrrls.jpeg
IG: @theglobalgallery

I will give a blurb about each.

my springtime playlist is just what I have been playing on my Spotify 24/7 with the addition of quite a few more songs. AND the entire Mind of Mine album by ZAYN. (& others by Ty Dolla $ign)

the-lonelyhearts tumblr is a blog where I just repost blog full of what I would describe as a "cyber princess" theme, just pretty much anything pink, cyber, words, pale, movie screen caps, girly gifs, embroidery, color gradients, pins, patches. It follows a certain unexplainable aesthetic. I would say it is a bit raunchy and unapologetic. . . . I think I would also describe it as inherently feminist . . but it's not its purpose. If it had a sound it would probably be sad indie. 

meangrrrls tumblr is my more personal blog, repost 97% of the time, & personal post 3% under the time under #meangrrrls. Full of anything I find interesting or funny. If you go to it and click tags on the directory, you'll see lots of tags that range from celebrities, locations, specific issues, or just entertainment. 

meangrrrls.jpeg instagram is where I post personal pics, maybe out with my friends, food, stuff I see on the street, etc etc

theglobalgalley instagram is my latest social media, it's only a month old. The intention was to post something relating interesting daily. Whether it was a photo, painting, history, poems, etc. But I haven't kept up as I would have liked. 

Bottom line, they give me structure to save and share in a way that works best for me. Although it is a lot to keep up with. . . . im sure everyone has the same amount right LOL.

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