Being a Nanny/Babysitter

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

About a month after I returned home, I began work as a nanny/babysitter (again)!

I work part time, 4 days a week, a few hours each day.

can we make this girl brown
I really do like baby sitting and taking care of kids. I don't think I was too too big on it before I au paired, but now I see a toddler and they're like little magnets. I can't get enough (okay forget I said that lol). It's nowhere near the same, but I get my mommy fix for a few hours and I'm good. Haha. With this family, I pick the kids up from their respective schools and take them to a couple different lessons a week. I like the movement and getting things ready. I don't have exhaustive knowledge on childcare and parenting, but I think it's interesting how one can already know their style of care. If you're not a parent, I don't know if this is just by being exposed to children, occasional babysitting, or extensive care as is the case within au pairing. That care style includes the how to's on handling specific situations, discipline and interactive techniques, how to foster learning in every situation, and just generals on what's the best way to further and improve their development, especially when they're young! Again, even with just my very limited parenting/child care knowledge, I find myself .. . . . making observations on others' parenting. It's no surprise then that innumerable parenting books exist (Tiger Mom, What to Expect When You're Expecting), now whether it's because they believe in their methods or just ca$hing in on the multi-million, most likely billion, dollar baby business I couldn't tell you. Anyways, it's tough out there and all parents and caregivers should be open to new ideas and methods.
^This was not my blogging intention^

Also, I love how you can babysit all you want and it will nowhere prepare you for real ass parenthood. You may have an advantage to those who don't have a minute of experience, but I think that's debatable. Because if you babysit, you might think you have an idea, and well, you'll be in for a rude awakening.

I'm really about to stray from the subject at hand to my own philosophy on having children, but I rather not get started. ..... . OR DO I. Please someone leave comments below and snap me out of it. Mmm, nevermind I will stop now, I will save it for another day.

Ran into this quote:
I don’t need to carry a parasite in my womb for nine months and then spend hours in agonizing labour pushing it out just to raise it.

Oh and my favorite kid lines:

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