Healing & Recovery

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

getting the idea that I want to get on the train to HEAL & RECOVER.

I am just not happy with my situation. I want to be happy, have energy, do the things I enjoy, stop wasting time, be productive, and be a little more ~down to earth~. Unfortunately, I am the type that if something is not going well in my life, I extend it and project it on other aspects of life, I begin to shut down completely. It's either all well or I take everything down with me. And hopefully I will begin to learn to work step by step.

Ideas on how to achieve a version of living a cleaner life, and although (OMG) it's already April 5th (HOW/WHY) this will be this months goals! Hopefully, I will post monthly goals and objectives from now on. Although I can't prove they will work, they're worth a try!

*drink more water
*avoid fast food
*regulate sleep schedule
*minimize screen time
*practice yoga/meditation
*carbs < fruits & veggies
*work out couple times a week
*enjoy the outdoors
*minimize time on bed
*read a book

hmm. . . suggestions?

the most important part of this is: self control and perseverance. I don't know, but I am really drawn to this, if I persevere and allow these changes to become habits I know I can thrive.

ironically writing this at 2:30AM. . .

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