Iftar in Oman

Thursday, June 16, 2016

As I mentioned before, we are in Muscat during Ramadan. Ramadan is the Holy Month for Muslims. It's a month for growing closer to God and to remind themselves of the poor and less fortunate through fasting. They will fast from sun up (Sehur) to sun down (Iftar). Sehur is a little before 4am, at this time they wake up and eat what they will to last the day. When it is time for Iftar, they wait till that certain time and break their fast. Yuri and I saw the (not) funniest thing the other day. We decided to go to the mall about half an hour before Iftar would begin. Non Muslims can eat during the day but not in public. Anyways, the food court restaurants begin to sell their food a bit before Iftar. Half the people in the food court are already sitting down with their plates in front of them. So you just see them staring at their food. . .  looking at their watch. . . looking at their food.... . .looking at the watch. . .. . looking at each other. . . .looking at their food. . . and then chowing down. 😊😄

We had our first iftar meal (we didn't fast, but maybe I will one of these days) at my host mom's home and pictured above is Shebar. It is a wheat soup/cereal that is special for Ramadan. Our host mom served it with cilantro and chiles. I think she mentioned that Omani's don't regularly add these. (If you look at top left you can see N's plate, apparently he is into plain pasta)

The sweet dough dumplings you see above on the left are Luqaimat. They are also special for Ramadan. We had a conversation about sweet tooths and dessert and although I do enjoy sweets I don't think I am all that big on them. One was good, but I don't think that I could gorge myself. 😅 Pictured are also samosas, kachori, and rice.

(I love those noodles) You can also see our dates, they usually have three 😋  with laban, which is a yogurty drink I am not the biggest fan of. 😳

here we are (I am looking shabby 😪)
till next time,

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