Our Summer Home

Sunday, June 12, 2016

We made it to Muscat! I think the appropriate first post in Muscat would be a home tour, Behlys. I’m really excited to make this post and show my friends and family our accommodation.  When I found it online I thought it was really cute and when we saw it in person it definitely fulfilled our expectations. It is charming, and super cozy.

We rented a room in a regular Omani Villa located in Azaiba.  It’s located on the opposite street adjacent to the beach. Technically we could walk to the beach but I don’t think there is shade and the daily average temperature is around 100F. Perhaps we will take a walk at night soon. There is a small local grocery store located directly across the street of our villa. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but there is everything available including fresh fruit and veggies. I am Azaiba Shopping Center’s biggest fan. 😉

I did take quite an amount of pictures so it will look like an extensive post. It is more walk than talk though.  The only thing we’ve been having a bit of a problem with is the Internet connection. It’s not that it’s slow it just comes and goes. So uploading this post with lots of media will probably be a hassle.

Oh, forgot to mention we do have roommates, some long term others short term. Right now, there is a couple, a single lady, and yours truly as long term and a few Swedish students that will be leaving in a few days. It will definitely be interesting to see whom in the world (literally) we will meet. We are hoping to not be antisocial and get to know people.
(you can click to enlarge photos)


First floor

Sitting rooms & computer/print area

Dining Room


Outdoor Hallway

The stairway to the upstairs is on the outside, which is convenient for us because we don't have to go into main room when we leave. Also they have three cats, and two of them are always sleeping at the entrance of our door.

Second Floor
It has an open floor plan (in the picture below the door to the left is the entrance and the one on the right is our bedroom)

Our Bedroom
First in the hall

Our side view is a construction site, lol, but I rather that than a beige wall and it works well for sunlight into our bedroom.

Anyways, so far so good!! We love it, think we made a good choice, and our flat mates are pretty chill! There are a total of seven bedrooms so we'll see how full it can get. I will post much more soon!


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