Today Was a Busy Week For Us- Yuri

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

For those of you who follow Melissa ,, you know she has been open about her trip to Oman .. little did y’all know she was bringing me along with her across the world soooo…
About 2 months ago or so Melissa told me how she wanted to go back to Muscat for the summer. And I jokingly said what if I joined you on the trip as well?? And we discussed the possibility for like 5 seconds and then we moved on.
But then about two weeks ago the discussion surfaced again and idk how but we talked about budgeting and how this could really be a possibility. We met up for dinner one night and plotted EVERYTHING.. and knowing Melissa you know she had already done her research and had a place to live and plane tickets possibilities … and basically I said why not???😎 

This is a great experience and better now that I’m young and don’t have major responsibilities … so I talked over with my mom and I’m forever indebted with all the support she has given me and understanding this is an amazing opportunity 🙌🏾… her only conditions were that I had to get all my school stuff ready for my return and make sure you have a job back when you come back … for me my job was probably the only major obstacle I had but thanks to God it all worked out .. and with all the odds to our favor it became clear that I would be spending my summer in Muscat, Oman. When there was a week left nerves and anxiety settled in pretty well and I could not sleep at night … that was the strangest thing about all this .. during the day I would be completely fine and as soon the sun went down all those feelings began to appear.
BUT as I am sitting here at the Newark Airport in New Jersey I am excited as ever.
so please pray for us guys, because we are basically on our own for the next two months.. 😁



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