Qaranqasho at the Two Week Mark

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I CAN NOT believe we have been here for two weeks! It feels like we have been here a short time, but also like we've been away from home for quite a while now. So which one is it right?

We definitely settled into our new home right away and y'all know I like to pretend that I know Muscat like the back of my hand. Thankfully, we have not felt cooped up or like there's nothing to do. So thanks to Ahmed for picking us up and driving us everywhere more than he should, & y'all know my awesome host parents. Last Friday, they invited us with them to spend the day at the Shangri La (I have a post from my week long stay there in Nov of last yr I believe). We spent it at the pool, beach, lazy river, had dinner and relaxed a bit at a hookah lounge.

I don't know if I mentioned or not, but I'm not just having an extended vacation. I am doing a summer internship with my host parents' company working on a big project that they have going on. It's all really exciting and will be here when this portion (beginning) of the projected will be completed. I'm just creating, editing, and reviewing contracts, manuals, agreements and the like (and probably with a side of whatever is needed 😉). It's slick always been my dream to be the girl who brings the lattes and croissant to the boss but I think I just watched to many movies.

On Monday (06/20) it was the holiday of Qaranqasho. It celebrates the mid point of Ramadan. It's a children's holiday as they dress up in bright traditional Omani attire and go door to door, knocking, and collecting candy. We went to Ahmed's, same friend mentioned above, where we had a lovely iftar, received so many goodies, and went around the neighborhood watching all the kids qaranqashoing (did I just make this up) and singing songs and a firework here and there. It was all really nice, and we finished the evening at the Shangri La, where they had their own festivities.

I will start posting more because there is a lot to say, I just have crap internet 😜

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