BTS World Tour Ticket 🎫 Experience

Friday, May 11, 2018

Since I posted on buying my Monsta X tickets, it seems only right to do the same for BTS.

They went on sale Saturday, May 5th. My sister is the one who was really killing for these tickets. Unfortunately, there is no Atlanta date (but there are FOUR, 4, CUATRO LA shows).
We were set on buying tickets for Newark. Then we could take the chance to visit Times Square, but more importantly they have the LINE FRIENDS store where they sell BT21 products (and who doesn't love the OG line friends)!!

So we went over my bff's house, laptops in tow ready for the clock to hit 10AM and search for these tickets. Not only did my sister want to travel to another state for the concert, she wanted pit tickets! So of course we were trying for P1. Newark had two dates and two sale websites, so we split up the different options for a higher probability of scoring ticks. Someone on Ticketmaster trying for date one, another for date two, and another on the Powerhouse site for date one.

At 9:59 my heart was seriously beating through my chest. I feel like mentally I wasn't that nervous but my body was out of control. Well the clock hit 10 and we started searching for tickets. Nothing. I wasn't surprised we didn't get P1, but there were literally 0 options- not even nosebleeds. I was also chatting with a friend I made when I lined up for Monsta X tickets but she also wasn't getting anything. It was very similar with Monsta X. I don't understand how nobody around me will score tickets- so who is and how are they getting them?

I was worried but not so much so since the rest of the cities, like Chicago and Fort Worth were going on sale in the next hours and a couple days later West Coast shows would go on sale (so there is a sliver of chance).

Anyways- a grueling, but optimistic, twenty minutes later my bff checked her computer and there they were: two P1 tickets for Newarks Friday show. She quickly handed me her laptop to confirm what she thought was on the screen- I could barely read myself I was shaking so hard.

But yes they were! We quickly made the transaction and sat there in disbelief. What a chance?? If you read my Monsta X ticket experience, you know the kind of luck I struck with getting P1.

Still, we randomly yell BTS P1 around the house (we can't get over it!!). I know all the planning will fall on me, and frankly I feel so nervous to prepare the travel and housing arrangements. But the tough part is out of the way.

We'll see BTS in the fall!

I also want to mention how much KPOP is going on in the states right now!
The Rose in Atlanta later this Month (no tickets, want to go, but broke)
Monsta X in Atlanta in July
Wanna One in Atlanta in June (still need to get tickets- probably not P1)
UP10TION in Atlanta in June
Eric Nam in Atlanta in June
BTS world tour, Got7 world tour
VAV just announced fan meet in Atlanta for the fall
Mad Clown and San E came to Atlanta a few weeks ago


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