The Bun 🥢

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I wanted to let everyone know there is a new member of the family!

She is a dwarf bunny named. . . well she doesn't have a name even though it's been about three or four weeks. Can't decide! I think we're leaning towards Zoe.

She was so tiny when we got her and she's growing each day. She's quite the mischievous character, hoping this is just a childish quirk she'll grow out of.

1st day home- noticeably bigger now

She is NOT in a cage and has free roam of the bedroom and hallway. She loves getting under the furniture and I do all I can to keep her out each day. Every few days I have to alter the designs because she finds a way in (we're also not very good at keeping it tight).

I know she's made herself right at home as even her first day free roaming she just plopped on her back. Letting their guard down is a good sign that a bunny is comfortable. It meant so much to me and now I can't get enough of her laying about.

She is really good about using her litter box to pee, poop is mostly contained 😉. When it gets a little out of hand I know cleaning is past due.

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