WEIGHT LOSS: challenges, changes, & goals

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Last week's post focused more on the reasons for tackling my weight, rather than the nitty gritty.

So a peek into my problem areas, diet change, and goals.

What I did (majorly) wrong:

First of all my sleep schedule was so off. I fell asleep around early morning and woke up mid afternoon. The times weren't exactly consistent and this led to erratic meal times.

Thankfully I don't eat out as much as I used to (my weight has been rising for the last several years). I have definitely been eating more of my mom's cooking. I do think my portion sizes fluctuate with the day's mood. After watching videos of other people's struggle with their weight, something very obvious dawned on me. Although I had relatively normal portioned and healthy dinner meals, I binge ate multiple times a week and always late at night. This ranged from a large meal from McDonalds, a pack (or two) of instant noodles, or just snacks like chips, candy, soda (all at once).

Apart from late night binging- when I do go out to eat or there is something extra yummy around I have, more often than not, a hard time controlling myself from overeating. I just keep at it.
*I don't suffer from Binge Eating Disorder*

Other than necessary day to day activity, I am very inactive! I spend about 8-10 hours just sitting on my bed (sleep not included!).

I hate (now past tense?) drinking water. It is so bad that I couldn't even tell when I was thirsty anymore because I was perpetually thirsty! I consumed a too little amount of liquids, and when I did it was probably a soda or Powerade/Gatorade.

If y'all gagged at everything you just read, no worries I was gagging as I wrote too!!

What I'm doing to lose weight and kick these deadly habits to the curve:

Basics: I am drinking only water and lots of it. WOW *pat on the back*. . .  yeah I know. But to me this is a pretty big deal. . I have drank more water this week than I probably have in the last month. It finally feels and tastes refreshing, maybe it's the summer heat ;).
*drinks water for one day- why isn't my face completely acne free??*

The foundation of it all is Intermittent Fasting. Many of you have probably heard of this before, but if you haven't- there are two types 5:2 and 16:8. 5:2 refers to restricting your calorie intake for two days out of the week and eating what is normally recommended the other five days. 16:8 is fasting for sixteen hours and having an eight hour window where you consume food normally. I'm doing the latter. I began with a window from 1pm to 8pm, then 1pm to 9pm because I'm an idiot and didn't realize that till 8pm is only seven hours.
I recently changed the window to 11:30am to 7:30pm as my sleep schedule has adjusted and I am getting hungry earlier. I also eat dinner with my family by 6:30pm so it's nice to not have to wait until 1pm the next day to eat again (18+ hrs).

As mentioned before, you are able to eat normal during intermittent fasting, but since I am guilty of overeating I am concentrating on portion control. I am not anal about low calorie intake since I haven't decided to implement it officially, but I am conscious about it and cutting what I can. I also haven't limited carbs, but when you take into consideration the aforementioned it's not very difficult to exclude them or eat less of.

Without diving into the physiological benefits and changes, fasting for me automatically eliminates my late night binge eating. I do catch myself scrolling through pictures of food on reddit, but otherwise, knowing you're not eating at those times really helps you concentrate on what's necessary and not whats in the fridge for you to grab. Because I'm making an effort to eat smaller portions within that time frame, I've eliminated fatty and sugary snacks that would just make it all counterproductive.

What is SUPER surprising about all of this is that fasting has been so easy for me (again it's been about a week doe!) I never imagined that I'd be so okay about not having that glass bottle Coke, my favorite sour watermelon gummies, thai tea, a quick burger when I was hungry, or instant noodles (okay I did shed a tear while I stared at the freshly stocked aisle and put back a bowl I hadn't tried before . . . ugh why am I walking back through these dark moments in my life). I do have the random thought here and then just to grab something sugary or sweet, but nothing close to a craving and certainly not enough to eat or buy it.

So, if I've been able to defeat food. . . everything else should be a piece of cake right?
Exercising is going to be a real bitch. I've done two days so far . . . and it's just so hard to get out and imagine going out there and doing even basic walking for an hour (okay this sounds pretty silly) but I just know this is going to be my biggest struggle *sigh*. I will definitely keep updates on how THAT goes. If I don't figure it out soon, and there's not much to figure out but put on those running shoes and walk down the street, it's really going to hinder me from reaching my goals.

And speaking about my goals:

Again, I'M NEW. I'm not 100% sure how my body is taking all of this and what my results will be for the first few weeks. I'm in a state of trial and error so I'll be experimenting to figure out what works best for me and what is realistic to achieve. (10-15lbs this month? is that to brave?)

But anyways, I need to be sexy confident in a bathing suit next summer! 

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