WL Progress Report (Day 12)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Still doing what I mentioned in the last post.
I (re)downloaded MyFitnessPal and I'm counting calories, currently staying under 1600 cal. It's supposed to be the deficit necessary for a 2 pound a week loss, but an amount I'm comfortable consuming nonetheless.
I feel like my weight was slowly decreasing but this morning it went back up. Although I definitely don't eat like I did before, I have been giving myself more leeway then I did the first week in terms of food and I missed some timings this weekend. I'm going to return to that discipline and hopefully see some change. I still feel/look the same, but my skin has gotten better!

I'm also logging my exercise! Which I said would be the most difficult part.

Since Thursday, Yuri and I have been on the Silver Comet Trail walking about three miles everyday. We're just getting started, but the motivation and companionship is there so I am optimistic. We started off walking and now that we're getting into the groove of things we're beginning to jog some parts. I can't wait to get more stamina and confidence and pull out the bikes!
Although we don't actually run out of things to talk about, only so much happens in less than 20hrs (& we still text during those hours lol). We decided to spice things up by doing a lil duo bookclub. We're picking a book and reading a chapter before meeting so we can have something of substance to discuss. We decided on The Alchemist, but it doesn't have chapters so. . . . we'll figure it out. I read it in high school, but I want to read it with a different perspective. Yuri has read a bit of it so she'll get to complete it.

Overall, I'm a little blegh for the small mistakes I've made- but taking it as a helpful lesson!
- Melissa 💖

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