State of the Union: 2017, A Piece of Cake?

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

I am laughing at myself because I always remember that in the beginning of high school I said I would probably get married and have a kid by twenty-one. I was thirteen or fourteen, so seven years until twenty-one probably seemed long enough to get things done. Then at nineteen or twenty I think I said I would probably settle down in 2020. L.O.L. It is 2017, that's only three years to like get it together.

Everyone says this about every year, but I truly feel like I blinked and 2016 was gone, but this is probably because of how I conceptualize time. We really can't get away from the standardization of it, but because it's a construct we can have our own right? I'm still in college so academic years really affect how I process it. The last era was from Spring 2015 to Summer 2016, the latest era began in August of 2016 and will probably last until December 2017, unless something unexpected happens. The idea of eras has been there, but the mentality is a bit new. Thus, New Year 2017 doesn't feel very *ring out the old, ring in the new* or like I'm going to make any resolutions I won't keep. I'm satisfied with the goals and plans I have in mind now, so I'll be positive, proactive, and stick to those.

This probably isn't the proper mindset, but I just have a feeling 2017 (which is when this era ends) will be terribly uneventful and I just want this year to go by just as quick as the latter half of 2016. BUT, I know I shouldn't sit around waiting for it to pass, but live it to the fullest and work to make it eventful and worthwhile.

*This is a link to my new year's resolution list of 2015 that I posted on my blog. The fact that this was two years ago, truly blows my mind.

I love pinning cute cakes on my Pinterest. Enjoy:

Happy new year from Mexico!

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