Dinnertime: Sushi and Cake 🍣🍰

Friday, January 20, 2017

My close friend D, once my youth minister, came to visit after living in the West for the last year. We were all so excited to see each other. We decided, about a week before, to go for dinner and dessert on Thursday. Her go to restaurant to satisfy her sushi craving is Kuroshio (Smyrna/Kennesaw). I posted about Kuroshio about a year ago (you can read it here, omg scratch that, two years ago), and today I decided that it is my favorite restaurant. I don't think I can enjoy sushi anywhere else, at least not anywhere that is on the same levels as Kuroshio, only more expensive places can probably beat it. I am dying to have an Omakase experience, if anyone knows a location they've gone to before please let me know! (like I'd have the cash to go but you know. . .)

My sister was with me and we honestly got too daring and we decided to order both an appetizer and a sushi assortment. Our friend ordered a fried rice which we also took bites from. They have one of the most delicious fried rices!! Whether or not you like sushi, you should try their chicken fried rice.

The Squid salad, which I hadn't had before really surprised me. I was expecting it to be a little chewy and maybe lack flavor, but it was neither of those. If you're feeling a little adventurous, the January special is $14 and you get a 25% discount.

For our main dish, as if it were necessary, was The Mega Mover. It is a salmon based assortment, but you can also get it in tuna (The Earth Mover). It comes with miso soup (piping hot and oh so good) and ginger salad. 

This one is $25 year round. It is one of our favorites, but it isn't always the most economic choice when you're just a less-than-part-time nanny lol. But we were treating ourselves, or that's what I tell myself. 

For desert we needed CAKE! We were all stuffed. But, it's cake and we've heard of take out boxes. Where else to go than the Marietta Diner, who's huge display of cakes is absolutely mouth watering. I had a black forest slice and a cherry coke. 😋

This isn't even all as there is a second row behind these cakes, all different flavors/selections. There is also another display box with pies and cheesecakes. Can you tell how massive they are? (They also have a ton of smaller pastries like cookies and brownies)
peep the cannolis on the left 

I was so excited to see the Kadaifi cake, but I thought to myself- that's not its name, or at least not the one I'm familiar with. I racked my brain until I remembered it is what I know as Kunafeh. But after some research I don't think it's the same thing, similar but Kadaifi is the Greek counter part to Kunafeh's Arab origins. Or is it the same thing? Wikipedia is not clear, someone let me know please!

Melissa 🐝

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