The Greatest Sticker Book on Earth

Friday, January 20, 2017

Hi everyone, sorry it has been a while. I returned to Atlanta almost a week ago and I have, yet again, began a new semester. It has taken some time to get everything in order on top of my internet going out for the last two days. Surprisingly the whole plug-unplug method worked (the phone cable not the power cable).

When I was in Oman in 2015, I picked up this amazing sticker book at the super market. It brought me so much joy and because I am about to put them to use, I will share them with you. 
Please click to enlarge!

What is the most amusing to me, is that these are the most realistic food stickers. Like there was really someone who cooked, someone who held a photo shoot, and they directly took it to the sticker printer. It is from an Indian publisher so it gives you a clue to the Indian plates. I really just identify with this sticker book. I absolutely love it.

Favorites: Biryani and Bread
Favorites: Indian Thali and Dumpling
Favorites: Cold Coffee and Cookie
Favorites: Momo and Corn Flakes
Favorites: Cola Drink and Pink Cake
Favorites: Ginger Drink and Vegetarian Food

Which were your favorites? And yes, I have ordered a 2nd book on Amazon. 

Melissa 🐝

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