State of the Union: ya wey, porfavor idiota

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Do y'all believe in a jinx? Like if you announce good things too soon, they'll come to an abrupt end? I am shamefully admitting that I do. But. . . who cares!

Usually, and I think quite naturally, I go through these ups and downs. I notice both currents, though I usually attribute the "down" and the "coasting" to the natural cycles of life, the ups I definitely take note of. This has to do more with action than thoughts. Since I came back from Mexico, I am just being more productive, efficient, and energized. I think my soul was finally tired of me, because none of this was premeditated. I want to say it won't be short lived since it's natures gift and I am just doing the little things to ensure I don't fall of the horse. I'm not overthinking it (is writing a blog post defeating the purpose?)

On an unrelated, but related to the title, note. Trump is grinding me to the ground. These last few days have been quite (negatively) eventful. You know, I wish I could blacklist the word Trump off my Facebook because I am honestly so tired of him. I would do this with a good conscious since I do get my current events information OUTSIDE of Facebook. I rather check in with DC a few times a day at my leisure than have him be every other topic on my newsfeed. But at least people are aware.

Another unrelated note, my internet has been out for a couple days now. You don't know how much you need it until it's gone. I thought it was something to do with the wiring inside the home, but they checked and I guess someone cut a wire outside while they were doing some work. Hopefully it will be back up by tomorrow. I am at Barnes and Noble feeling the caffeine from my chai tea and the sugar from my cookie rushing through my veins.

Another unrelated note, I was in class jotting down a ppt lecture from a guest professor. I didn't catch a sentence or two, so after class I went to him for clarification. He explained and as I wrote what he was saying, I wrote "of upmost importance." He was like that here *points* will be "utmost." He did it in the nicest, nonchalant way. But honestly, I died in that moment. I am still traumatized because I think about that exchange once every hour and I feel so dumb for making that mistake. But I promise I'll try to stop thinking about it.

It's been a while since dreamy interior design:

Overly caffeinated,

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