2000 Dubia Roaches for Momo (Video)

Sunday, November 05, 2017

I honestly don't know if my blog will eventually become Momo-centered. . . .

new tank!
But yes, we purchased 2,000 roaches for him to eat 😁. I really don't think they're that . . . like gross or bad but maybe I'm just used to it. We've purchased Dubias before, but not this many. I remember we were telling my mom to guess how many we bought. She was guessing in the 100's and we kept saying nope, nope, nope. Here's how the conversation went.

Mom: "1000"
Us: "No"
Mom: "AY! 😧 1200"
Us: "Nope"
Mom: "ayy 😰😰 1500"
Us: "Nope"
Mom: "noo, ayy 😱😨 1600"
etc, until we reached 2000. lol.

We ordered Sunday night/Mon. They shipped out on Tuesday and arrived on Thursday. I'm busy ALL day, so I didn't get a chance until Friday morning and they were alive and well. & mom didn't think they were so bad.

I took a quick video of when we actually took them out of the box (where they were just roaming) but I decided to just take a video of them the next day when it was time for food. Here, we've stored them in a dark plastic bin. They're quite hardy and since I just intend to use them as feeders I'm not so worried about air circulation. If I ever decide to begin breeding them or make bigger purchases then I'd make a hole on the lid with a screen mesh for best conditions. I seriously find them really cute. #CuteDubiaFact- they're social roaches so if you want optimal health, its best for them to be in small spaces so they can be with each other.

Here's the vlog within a blog (which honestly. . . I talked way too much and there's a lot of useless info lol) roaches start at 2:29 (AND I WANT TO FILM A FUN CUTE VIDEO BC THIS WAS A DRAG):

more more more hungry hungry hungry 
Melissa. 🐍🐜  (is a snake and an ant close enough to a beardie and dubias?)

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