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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I'm back with an updated merchandise post! This includes everything but posters! Last merchandise post (which is no longer available) was photographed with all its details inside and out. Since the collection has gotten substantially bigger that is just way too much work! Instead, I will list it 😁. The two white shelves are mine, the brown are my sisters. As you will see, BTS is her bias group (mine obviously MX). We still can't understand how anyone can NOT be multifandom;

this is from october, do you see the tiny shelf on the right in middle? yes i promise im 23 and not 16


Monsta X Shelf
Trespass (2015) 
Rush (2015)  
The Clan Pt. 1 (2016) Lost Vers., Guilty Vers.
The Clan Pt. 2 (2016) Guilty Vers., Innocent Vers.
The Clan Pt 2.5 (2017) Beautiful & Brilliant Vers.
The Clan Repackage (2017) Shine Forever Vers.
The Code (2017) De Code Vers. & Protocol Terminal Vers.
JAPAN Beautiful (2017) Regular Vers.
Montories First DVD (2017)
Monlight Stick
Picnic in Monbebe World Photobook 
2nd Generation Fan Club Goods
Beautiful in Seoul Knit Slogan
Beautiful in Seoul Program Book
Haru Hana vol. 43 Monsta X Cover
fanmade pins

Multifandom Shelf 
WJSN- Would You Like? (2016) 
WJSN- Secret (2016) 
WJSN- From. WJSN (2017) 
WJSN- Happy Moment (2017) Happy & Moment Vers. (my favorite girl group album)
WJSN- 1st Fanclub Box
Jeong Sewoon- Ever (2017) Green Vers.
NCT Dream- My First & Last (2016)
NCT Dream- We Young (2017)
Twice- Twicetagram (2017)
Twice- Signal (2017)
Jessi- Un2verse (2017)
Pristin- Schxxl Out (2017) Out Vers.
Longguo & Shihyun- the.the.the (2017)
Boyfriend- Never End (2017) Day Vers.
Samuel- Sixteen (2017)
Samuel- Eye Candy (2018)
B.A.P.- Blue (2017)
B.A.P.- EGO (2017)
SF9- O Sole Mio
VIXX LR- Whisper

Emily's Multifandom Shelf
EXO-The War: The Power of Music
Got7- 7 for 7
JBJ-1st Mini Special Limited Edition (Fantasy)
WINNER- Our Twenty For (love me love me ver.)
NCT 127-  NCT #127 Limitless
Seventeen- Love & Letter (Repackaged)
Astro- The Dream Part 02
Wanna One- 1x1=1 (Pink and Sky Vers.)
JBJ- Fantasy (Vol. II)
EXO- EX'ACT (Lotto Chinese Vers.)
EXO- The War
Seventeen- Going Seventeen
Zico- Television
NCT 127- Cherry Bomb
iKON- New Kids: Begin
Red Velvet- Russian Roulette 
Red Velvet- Perfect Velvet
Day6- Sunrise
WINNER- Our Twenty For (island ver.)
Carat Bong (Seventeen light-stick)
Vogue Magazines (April 2017- all of EXO)
Leon (2018 vol. 71) Sehun Cover

Emily's BTS spot
Wings Concept Book
2017 Summer Package
BTS Memories of 2016
The Wings Tour
BTS Live on Stage: Epilogue
JPN Not Today/Blood Sweat and Tears
JPN The Repackaged with Spring Day
2 Cool 4 Skool
Dark & Wild
Skool Luv Affair
Young Forever (Night and Day Vers.)
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2 ( Peach and Blue ver.)
You Never Walk Alone (Left and Right Vers.)
Love Yourself: Her (L, O, V,  & E Vers.)
Wings (W Vers.)
The Wings Tour Official Merch (Poster & L Holders)
2017 Season's Greeting
Army Bomb
Unofficial BTS Magazine
Ceci (Sleepless Nights)
*signed Wanna One Energetic Poster*

If you want to see a little more or have any questions let me know! I only once got a few albums from, but the great majority, and from then on, we purchase from our beloved local KPOP store,
On The Way Home Video:
953 Buford Hwy NE, Ste 101
Doraville, Georgia 30340

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