Kyunsterday! 🎂🐹💖

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I am dying for sleep but this post must be published!!

Today is Yoo Kihyun's birthday & he's turning 24 Intl/25 Korean age. Each member of MX has an animal associated with them, and Kihyun is a hamster. Their birthday tag will be their names morphed- thus Kyunsterday!

I seriously hate saying I have a Monsta X bias since I love love each and every single member, but I have to start being honest with myself and face the facts. . . it's Kihyun.

Let's praise the vocals- Like I mentioned before, Monsta X was created from a reality survival show, this is his first solo mission. I do not get tired of listening to this song and wish he could release a studio version 😫.

At KCON Mexico earlier this year Kihyun covered Beautiful by Crush. One of the hit songs of K Drama The Goblin's (2017) official soundtrack (sorry, but stop frying my boo's hair!).

He's recorded quite a few songs himself for various K Drama soundtracks. My personal favorite is I've Got a Feeling for Suspicious Partner (2017). I also really love the drama and Ji Chang Wook so it's perfect (& you can really hear his lisp here- amazing).

I wasn't going to add another K Drama OST, but I couldn't help it.

Let's praise the visuals.

My favorite Kihyunnie thing has to be his smile-


shy/embarrased smile
genuine smile

How does he just transform on stage??

an overwhelmed Ki after MX first win!! 💖🏆🔮🐹
have so much more to say (cooking, photography, mom skills), but that's it for now. love him for making my days brighter 🌺

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