Almost murdered Momo

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Ya'll, I honestly almost killed Momo around 4am last night. Or at least severely injured him.

The dumbest thing you can do, and I know this, is to sleep with them. Obviously it's recommended that they sleep in their tank. Momo is a little spoiled so he sleep in a blanket upstairs (where it's slightly warmer). He goes to sleep as soon as its dark and doesn't move during the night. I make sure to wake up at his wake up time so I can put him in his tank under his heat lamp no matter what.

Last night he fell asleep in a blanket at the corner of my bed. I should have moved him to the round chair or slept elsewhere. I was so drowsy though that I didn't really give it much thought. I just said I'll sleep as far from him as I can. One mistake was the fan was on and I didn't grab a blanket, even though I was cold. Again, super drowsy. So it's like the middle of the night. I wake up, I don't even know how or why, and I feel next to me and feel his tail. I'm like WTF. So I drowsily tell my sister that I can feel him. One thing about me is that I sleep talk. Before, I would wake up with no recollection, but now it's really vivid and in the moment I am sure of what I'm talking about. When I fully wake up I realize I am truly mumbling non sense. So my sister thinks I'm just being delusional when I tell her this. I wake up a little more and I realize I'M IN the blanket. I think I tried to touch him more and he like wakes up and does a quick run to the headboard. My sister comes too see and she is super rightfully pissed. & she puts him back to sleep.

Ya'll this means that during my sleep I PULLED the blanket from him, he is usually like in a little burrito or cave inside. So I pulled the blanket on to me, he somehow ended up sleeping RIGHT next to me for who knows how long. One turn over and I would have squashed him. If he didn't suffocate or die, he would have had some serious internal injuries. Or even when I unknowingly pulled the blanket, I'm not sure how many different ways that could have gone. Thankfully nothing happened. I was really irresponsible. Never trust a cold sleepy Melissa.

On a much better note, we finally upgraded him into a 40 gallon tank. He's not full grown, but he was outgrowing his 20 gallon. I definitely feel more at peace now that he has more space ALTHOUGH HE DOESNT EVEN MOVE. Maybe he just needs to get used to it. Once we finalize the set up and decor I will share it here. There are a few mistakes we are still making so we're really trying to resolve that in order for him to be as healthy as possible.

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