MAMA Japan 2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Because I go too hard for the boys- Monsta X first, then the rest of my highlights 🌟

YA YA YA, Mnet Asian Music Awards had it's second installment last night (my morning). MAMA, like any other award show, is usually one evening, one city. This year they decided to do three different locations: Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong (in that order).

Monsta X was scheduled for the Japan location hosted at the Yokohama Arena. A piece of me was ~sad~ because the Hong Kong night is considered the "main one," but in the end I think MAMA Japan was appropriate as it gave Monsta X the opportunity to really shine (forever). (Also the little I watched of MAMA Hong Kong was like an SM party- and I am an nctzen. Seems like NCT performed for like 20 minutes)

MX has performed at the past two MAMAs, ever since they debuted, but each one has been a little less than three minutes. Of course monbebes think they deserve more, but I understand time constraints and they're not the most coveted boy group by the public. BUT, they got EIGHT minutes this year!!
When the boys came on my heart stopped since I didn't even expect it to be so soon at the beginning. I actually had 0 expectations. . . but I was so overwhelmed. When ~that~ part happened I swear my heart rate shot up.

My highlights:
  1. the rap line at the beginning- I watch this part at least twice a day - AREMDAWO AREMDAWO AREMDAWO
  2. the vocal line get their individual spotlight (literally)- yo there upcoming Japanese single is called spotlight- OKAY YES. 
  3. rap line's ad libs before the dance- JAPAN ARE YOU READY??? BRRRRRRRRRRRAH- DANCE BREAK
  4. WONHO RIPPing off his shirt was so unexpected, if I paid attention I would have seen that little snip at the collar, seriously gorgeous. He would be part of the Korea vampire coven in the Twilight series lmao. 
  5. the screams when DRAMARAMA began & the fanchants- I think this is the only song where I always do the fanchat at least internally.
  6. and when Shownu joins Wonho with the backs at the final beat? yes! I just wish his jacket came all the way off- less for the view, more for the symmetry 

I will be dead honest and say that after MX & the girls I shut this down- way to sleepy. Since the event, in terms of celebrities attending, was so intimate, MX got a lot of screen time. OMG I ALSO FORGOT THEY GOT A MAMA AWARD- best concert performer. I am so happy for them ugh. I also feel like ~okay 👀I see👀👀👀 me~ since I attended their Atlanta stop and contributed to this win lol. They were so hype to receive and seventeen was there to hype them up even more 😩! The end of 2017 has really been good to Monsta X and I hope they continue to see more and more successes.

Some GIFS of them enjoying the show:

(I do wish Kihyun's hair was fluffy, not slicked. & Shownu was just trying to be hip with the kids, all photo credits to: FY! Monsta X)

I started watching the red carpet around 3am and it was around 5am when MX performed. They were the first performers after the opening medley- an ode to BoA, feat. Twice & Seventeen. BoA was awesome, and although I didn't know any of the songs one song stood out and it turns out to be her latest single- Camo. It's just my style. I wish she repeated the camo- FLAUUUGEE OOooooOOHHH more, but I respect her for not doing that lol. I would take an entire three minutes of that honestly.

Twice's rendition of BoA's my name had me -SHOOK- I didn't know they were capable. Super sexy, so 2000s. 

After Monsta X I only stayed to watch the girl rookie group performances: "It's Showtime."
I think it may be one of my favorite KPOP performances, it made me feel warm and happy inside. I felt the energy through the screen. I love girl groups.  

Oooh one last thing, Seventeen's fanbase in Japan is -no- joke. So. Many. Carats, it was great.
With the little I watched, I was really satisfied with MAMA Japan. It was the stage Monsta X deserved. 

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