Monsta X: The 5th Mini Album- THE CODE (Comeback)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

ALERT, my ultimates had their third comeback of the year on Nov 7th! It's their 5th mini album by the name "The Code". There are two versions- "protocol terminal" & "decode". I will get my grubby hands on both. 

While I was reading criticisms on another boy group's comeback, I came across a comment where someone came at MX saying that they always have the same sound and they're getting bored. What's beautiful about KPOP is that there is so much flexibility for the groups to try new genres and concepts. BUT, I love that Monsta X does have their own sound. The songs don't sound the same, but when you listen YOU KNOW that's Monsta X. If they ever do decide to venture out to something a little more out of their norm, I'll be just as excited. 

I really was NOT expecting that beginning, but I was like okkkkk I see ya'll. 
Every single video they've put out in the last two years has been a masterpiece. Of course the story line on this one is out of this world as per usual. It's concrete, but left open to various interpretations. 

Obviously time travel and changing, or attempting to change, the current timelines is the concept were going for here. There were three pairs, Jooheon & Kihyun, Wonho & Shownu, Minhyuk & I.M. I think they were all pretty sad, but I decided my favorite paring was Wonho & Shownu. ugh my heart, I decided Wonho was in love with him LMAO. Seriously, I am more than satisfied with their MV, title track (single), choreography, and the rest of the tracks. A song that was performed at their last tour, From Zero, made it to the album so that was unexpected, at least for me. I think my favorite track after "DRAMARAMA" is "Deja Vu"- it just goes hard. 

They are promoting right now and their second, shorter, promotion track was "Now or Never." It made it on Mnet, but apparently it was banned on KBS for whatever reason and they performed From Zero. Monbebes originally know it as a Hyungwon/Wonho song, but this one features the entire group (I'm really upset I can't embed From Zero, but here's the link). 

OKAY, I saw this shoot on a Naver blog post shared by the official Monsta X twitter acount and these. . photos.. . . yes.
In my newbie days I used to get Kihyun & I.M confused, and current times I laugh at myself because it just seems like an impossible distant memory. But then I saw these photos and I understood why. 

민혁 Minhyuk 
기현 Kihyun

셔누 Shownu

아이엠 I.M

원호 Wonho

주헌 Jooheon
형원 Hyungwon 

don't know what they wrote here, but too cute

this is my playlist with their entire discography & some of Kihyun's solo OSTs. New album is at the very bottom.
stream, vote, support 😁
몬 베베, melissa

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