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Monday, February 15, 2016

I totally remember the days when I wanted to get married as soon as possible, like right out of college soon. I'm not saying that WON'T happen, but I'm begging myself it doesn't LOL. I feel like I'm destined to do the tie-the-knot-early-and-have-a-baby-within-two-years thing. I don't live my life according to this duh, but it's just a thought. My point is that my goals (?) have completely changed, as it should when you grow as a person. There's just so much to do and such little time. It's way easier to take care of yourself without taking a second adult, never mind a chid, into consideration. I don't even know why I got into all this because I want to talk about my dream apartment and house decor! (I will look back at this post one or two years from now and be like?! WTF was I thinking)

So I have conflicting decor interests. That's why I want to have my own small place for my single twenties, single as in non married not single single ;) ;) ;). Then another place for when I am married. Okay this sounds stupid because that's how it works, but I mean both will have different styles that I NEED to happen. I just wouldn't have one particular style in the others situation.

So for my apartment life I would love to have like a boho with shabby chic mix. I love order and having everything in it's place and matching, but this would be my time to mix it up a bit. So fun mugs, spoons, and having like funky things that don't come in sets. I would love colorful throw pillows, candles, and plants everywhere. A small kitchen with a retro type stove and fridge. Just to give an overall cozy feeling, but not too much clutter because I would feel closed in.

I don't feel like any of these kitchens above really speak out to me, but it's the general idea.

After looking at most of the boho chic out there, I think I would go for SUBTLE boho chic. :)

The two styles I would love for my actual house would be a Mexican and a Moroccan look. I wouldn't know how to incorporate those two, but I don't think I can make the decision for either or. BUT there are many similarities between these two. If you remove the indigenous aspects to the Mexican look you're left with the Spanish colonial look. Now, if you know a bit of history, you know that the Moorish, an Arab&Berber Muslim people, inhabited the Maghreb and the Iberian peninsula for a period of time during the middle ages. And if you know your geography, the Maghreb is most of North Africa (Morocco's location) and the Iberian Peninsula is where Spain and Portugal sit. So they share some similarities! Now to be honest with you, I am drawing these conclusions on my own so I may or may not be right. Anyways, aspects I've noticed they share: the pointed arches I love so much, inside courtyards with water features, lots of tiles with intricate patterns, and earthy tones.


the photo on the left is Moroccan and the one on the right in Mexican. Very similar! Inside courtyard with chandeliers, arched entry ways, potted plants of course, and many Mexican courtyards have fountains too!

The difference between Moroccan/Arab style is that they use lots of curtains and carpets, and it is a bit more vibrant but the indigenous aspect of Mexican gives this to the Spanish colonial. 

Now for some tile work! the two below are Moroccan style, I feel their tiles are many put together to make a bigger intricate picture. Where as the Mexican style (the second row) are more individual or used to make a big pattern. So intricate picture vs symmetrical pattern. Although Moroccan is also very symmetrical, but you get my flow. 

Another thing about Mexicans style is that it is wood, wood, and more wood. The ceilings, furniture, windows, doors, etc. Now general Mexican decor:

So these would be my essentials: decorated crosses, hand embroidered throw pillows, and tiles. Wow,  at this moment I had a thought that it is a very telling mix. The embroidered pillows would be an indigenous (native person) factor and the crosses would be the product of Spanish colonialism in Mexico where Catholicism was brutally imposed on the indigenous people. I looked up some background on our tiles and I was right at the beginning, the Islamic and designs and techniques were introduced to the Spanish people by the Moors, although the indigenous had their own pottery traditions long before that. What they were taught, if I'm not mistaken, were the glazed features. Anyways, nice fact. 

If you read my blog post on one of the forts I visited in Oman, you'd know I am in love with the Majlis that many homes have. It is a sitting room where you can host and entertain your guests. So yes, just a sitting room but they have these characteristics. I will show below, but I would like on a smaller scale. 

these above are more traditional

and these are much more extravagant and modern. From seeing this pictures and others, I feel they take on a more elegant and traditional French decor. 

Anyways, thanks for making it this far!! These are a lot of work and not easy on the eyes, so sometimes I feel like I just want something gray and minimalistic and call it a day :)

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