Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm back with ZAYN stan-ness. He isn't letting us live.

ZAYN only released his first single, PILLOWTALK, on February 28th.

It has not even been a month as we've already gotten a new single, It's You, performed on Jimmy Fallon. #Dead
Zayn Malik Its You On Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon from Flávio Aguiar on Vimeo.

We got a Chris Brown's "Fuck you back to sleep" remix with ZAYN and USHER!!! USHER. Like I am sure these were ZAYN'S dream and I say WERE because, like I said he has just established himself SOLO and he's already here.

Right now he just hit us with a PILLOWTALK remix, where he raps with Lil Wayne. LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD.

Also tonight his video for his latest single It's You premieres with a a pre order for his album that is releasing MARCH 23rd..... I JUST.

and here it is!!!:

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