Friday, February 05, 2016

Everyone knows the now iconic boy band One Direction. I did a post on them back in May of 2012, which you can read here. Zayn Malik left the band in March of last year, much to their fans' dismay. Not long after he called it quits with his fiancee of four years, Perrie Edwards from Little Mix (a fellow X Factor come-up band). With that news, a lot of us Zayn stans were shocked and had the idea that Zayn really was done with it all and ready to start completely fresh.

We knew by then he was going solo with news of him getting a recording contract and being sneaky with producers he was possibly working with. Since then he's coming out with magazine interviews, radio interviews and more importantly he released his first single last week.


At first (first 2 minutes) I wasn't really into it, but this happens with any artist I like. I was so critical every time 1D came out with a new single or album.

Am I going to say this is a complete 360 from the material he made with One Direction? I don't personally think so, I really could see 1d singing segments of the song and taking the lyrics from an R rating to PG-13.

I think my friends are all SO excited because his album, Mind of Mine, comes out in March, it actually comes out on the exact day he announced his departure from 1D.

Zayn has been my longest running fave in One Direction and I am soo so happy that he is doing this for himself. I read his Fader magazine article and he was just so . . . authentic and was more articulate than I had imagined him to be. He is so sweet and I am only hoping the best for him and his career's future.

Quick note, I saw that Harry Styles signed with a separate recording label (oh 1D is on extended "hiatus") and everyone is like SOLO SOLO and tbh I'm like *eyeroll* but everyone deserves a chance and Harry & Zayn wouldn't even be in the same genre (hmm guess that's why 1D didn't quite work out). So I'll be keeping my eyes open for news on him.

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