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Friday, February 12, 2016

Like most people out there, I am in love with planners, pens, supplies, and anything related. I said most people because C'MONNNN, who didn't look forward to back-to-school shopping every August? The rows and rows of notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pouches, binders, folders, crayons, glue, pencil pouches. Now that we're a little older, we scan the one or two aisles available at Target for the office professional. The gold paper weight holders, classy planners, the few but intricately designed push pins and paperclips, the MUST HAVE tape dispensers. We love it all. But in my case, I remember I am not that professional and I don't have anywhere to put them, so I must go on without.

I follow a study themed blog on Tumblr and they purchased a planner and posted links to YouTube of people showing how they organized their's. Your first thought is probably, "organize? what's there to organize? sure you can add some sticky notes to it, but all you need is to actually write in it, right?" WRONG. There are thousands and thousands of videos of people showing you how and where they bought the accessories to personalize their planner. Think scrapbooking. You can click the image to see some ideas.

Really, they're so beautiful and I would love love one. Last year I bought a Kate Spade planner for 2015 and it was a pretty penny (for a cheapo like me) but I couldn't keep up with it and ended up giving it to a friend. I was so excited to use it, but I just don't keep up well those kind of things. 

Lots of the blogs give reasons as to why you would use a physical binder planner as opposed to your technology. They give a lot of good points, but if you're good with managing your plans with technology (me) then it doesn't make sense. OKAY IT DOES BECAUSE I NEEEEED THIS AESTHETIC IN MY LIFE. But even with journals that I like to keep on me, I don't usually use. I also hate my handwriting and prefer not to see it. LOL. Plus, if you know me, you know I love anything Google; especially the Drive, Calendar, & Google Now on my Samsung home page. I also love to keep sticky notes and respective folders for each of my classes on my laptop home screen. 

Perhaps when I graduate and have a career or an office or something I will get into it. But unfortunately I don't really see that happening.

The videos make me really miss what could be and what I could be, but I just don't have the talents for it. So for now I will live vicariously through The Planning YouTube Gurus. 

I wonder if this how other people feel when they watch make up tutorials?

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