Indian Restaurant Down the Street

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Earlier this week I was feeling up to eating something savory and delicious!! I hadn't had Indian food since Oman, but I wasn't prepared for disappointment. I've had enough (in my opinion) to know what decent flavors are. & I will NOT hesitate to flame your roti, naan, paratha, chapati, whatever IDC!! LOL.
On my main street alone, I have three options so I decided to go for it anyways. Before I left for Oman, there was an Indian restaurant by the name of "Sri Krishna Villas".  I decided to go to there (only two minute drive), I had been twice before but wasn't as familiar with Indian to really know if it was good or not. Anyways, now it is called "Wild Roots of India" (update 10/2016: It's now called Sirata or something) and under completely new different management, new restaurant, nothing to do with the old. On a quick separate note, although I think it has a very prime location, the restaurants and businesses never seem to make it long enough. There have been three or four places before this one and before that the building was on the market for a long time. I don't know what it is about that place that doesn't call people's attention, there are other buildings or suites I know of that it happens to. All I know is that if I have ever have a business I don't want to get stuck with an unlucky spot.

Well anyways, I walked in and was greeted by a young lady who handed me the takeout menu, which was still the old Sri Krishna Villa's. After a minute of eyeing the menu, I was approached by a man to take my order, I ordered what I consider a Melissa ( and an uncultured person's) favorite: chicken tikka masala. Which I still think is a step up from the butter chicken LOL. I REALLLY used to think butter chicken was chicken breast chunks marinated in butter and served that way ahah, please excuse me.

I didn't really give a thought of where I would wait, but they led me to the bar and said they would get me chips and I was like:

they gave me papadum, think; thin, flat, crunchy, tortilla (or tostada). As you can see below. I was really excited because my host parents would order these as an appetizer too. They were really good, I was just disappointed because the ones we usually got were spicy. But, as I said, still good and they brought out four different types of chutney (think Indian salsa? they really vary)

So I was enjoying, and the gentleman who took my order came to chat to me a bit. I thought it was a bit awkward but I know his (initial) intentions were to convince me about promoting the restaurant a bit more because he asked what my profession was, and he found out I was a KSU student so what better demographic, no? That is all fine, but he ended up showing me pictures of his birthday night out and dancing and what not and to be honest I'm not sure I was quite following him. He also told me about other locations and that they were looking for part time workers. Anyways he took my phone number, which I am really embarrassed about, but these things just always happen to me. 

But, alas, I paid and went home. Munch time. So I ordered chicken tikka masala (which is accompanied by white rice) and garlic naan. It took all of my will not to throw in a mango lassi order. Sorry for LQ pics.

 To begin, I think it had a good amount of chicken. Sometimes they can get a bit stingy and have like overwhelming amount of sauce. Well too much sauce will never be overwhelming, but equal amounts of chicken are appreciated. On the actual chicken, it was suspiciously too cubicle. As you can see in my picture it was like clean cut on the sides, it's hard to explain. Just a looked a bit unnatural. I also think it was a bit overcooked and dry. On the sauce it was the PERFECT amount of spicy, but it was also a bit on the sweet side which I wasn't expecting. The naan was delicious and HUGE. Overall I think it was pretty satisfying, only the chicken itself needed improvement. My siblings had a taste and really liked it and even agreed to go together soon! I know they will really enjoy the chicken lollipops and chicken 65. Which makes me really excited because every time I suggest it to my family they reject the idea. Now to work on my parents hehe.

Anyways, I'm done feeling like a lil food blogger. Feeling hungry.. . .

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