Election 2016

Thursday, February 04, 2016

I'm really not one for American government, I think political science in general tbqh. It just makes me uncomfortable and I generally don't understand. BUT MAYBE I WOULD UNDERSTAND IF I READ aka read my previous post.

"But how are you an International Affairs major???"

Because there's more to IA than political science, there's history, language, economics (which I also hate I still don't understand how money works lmao), cultural type stuff, etc. Which is all interrelated but I hope you know what I mean.

Anyways, so a few days ago was the Iowa Caucus and also the last day to register to be able to vote in the primaries for my state. So a few things about those two topics.

So for the Republican party, Ted Cruz (please tell me he looks like Miles Teller) won with 27.6% and Trump came in second with 24.3%. Before the Iowa caucus I wasn't really into you know, the predictions and pretty much anything to do with the election in general. But it's crunch time and honestly I do feel a bit on edge, and I feel everything is kind of uncertain at this point.

But back to the results, you know my initial reaction was "Hey! well at least Trump didn't come in first! What would that say about Americans (or Iowans lol)" But, honestly isn't Ted Cruz a little scarier? Like he has an actual political background (LOL) and forget that, Trump has taken on more of a role as an entertainer and is kind of a joke. When he's asked questions about pressing issues he dodges them and comes up with like ?? I can't even explain it, his answers are like "*nothing to do what he was asked* but we need to move forward, we're gonna work on it, we're gonna find the answer, we'll do this together." I saw that he's gotten four times as much media coverage as the next candidate, what does that say about our priorities?

I like this quote: "Mr. Trump is to public service what professional service is to sport: entertaining and ludicrously implausible, a suspension of disbelief for escapists, a crude deception for the gullible."

The Iowa caucus is known for having a hand in predicting which candidate will win the nomination for it's respective party. I'm not sure how true it is or isn't or has been in the past elections, but I am hoping that because Cruz appealed to a very small and distinct demographic of voters in Iowa that he will have a tougher time in other states, but where does that leave us?

On the Democratic side, Clinton took the win, if you can call it that. She won with 49.9% and Bernie trailed soooo closely behind with 49.6%, literally .3% difference. I think a lot of Bernie supporters were over the moon that someone with his background could go head to head against Clinton who has all the big money $$$ supporters, backed by Wall Street, and has a real current presence in Washington. I think this gives Americans who had Bernie in mind the idea that he is in fact a legitimate player and give them the confidence to cast their vote for him.

So do I sound like a Bernie supporter yet? because I am. Now, this goes on to my second topic about registering to vote. I was already registered but posted a quick note on FB letting the new voters that it was the deadline. At the end of it I put a quick note stating we need to put Bernie on the ballot. I feel bad because I am so hesitant to publicly state my support for Bernie. It's kind of a thing that Bernie's dominate supporting demographic is under thirty. I think of his supporters as like the hippie/hipsters, the kind of people you don't take very seriously. And I want to be taken seriously right? I ordered a free Bernie supporter sticker, and I'm like will I put it on my car?? I am legit so nervous and like afraid to be judged lmao, but I need to suck it up and will. :*
But honestly, not that Bernie isn't problematic in any way, I think that my stands on issues are very similar to his and I feel like he's serious and actually gives a fuck?

But like I said, most of his supporters are in the young crowd and I feel if we just take ourselves seriously, we can really make sure that Bernie has a chance. I think the Iowa caucus was the first step and the first piece of evidence that, again, he is a real contender in this race.

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